Down-and-dirty on keeping a clean home this winter

While it may very well be the most wonderful time of the year, winter is often also the dirtiest.

From all the germs we bring into our homes to all of the messes we make while having fun with friends and family during the season, December and January are tough months to keep a house in order.

But fear not!

Here are some ideas on how to get creative in the cleaning department all season long.

It’s a (re)wrap

While opening Chanukah or other gifts this year, put a little effort into carefully opening them and see all of the materials that can be reused for future gifting. Just think: Boxes, bags, ribbons and other packing materials can be used time and time again.

Do what’s right with left(overs)

Also, do you find yourself with a lot of holiday leftovers that might go to waste? Consider donating them. The local fire or police department are great options. Maybe an elderly couple in your neighborhood? Many people can benefit from leftovers, so don’t let them go to waste.

Can’t think of anyone to share them with? Then consider composting the items to create rich soil and use in a future garden.

An ounce of prevention

Before you find yourself with a big mess after entertaining, think of what you can do before the party to prevent the mess. Deep clean your fridge now. It may seem counterintuitive, but think of all the space you will create to store dishes people bring and the leftovers after.

Also, make sure to place clearly labeled trash and recycle receptacles throughout any high-traffic areas during parties (especially on New Year’s), as this will create less mess in the end. Have some masking tape and markers handy to label platters and dishes that come in from your guests. This will help prevent them from being left behind to clutter up your kitchen.

And don’t forget a large bucket with hot water and dish soap. As the dishes are piling up, this a great way to get utensils, tongs, spatulas and serving spoons soaking instead of piling up on the counter.

Have lots of clean and absorbent towels ready for cleanup. This will make the drying process much more efficient.

Read labels

We all want to lower our carbon footprint — but did you know you can do it in your everyday cleaning, especially when tidying up so often during the holidays?

Because water is not enough to get items clean, and vinegar isn’t always the best option (it can also damage some surfaces), we do recommend investing in products with the DfE (Design for the Environment) logo, which means you can use less to get better results.

You can use cleaning companies that do the following: group clients geographically to cut fuel use; use reusable bottles, buckets and bags; use phone/email versus paper; use efficient washing machines and washable, reusable microfiber rags that capture dirt, dust and allergens; use CRI Green label vacuums to protect indoor air quality; buy supplies in concentrated forms; pick environmentally friendly suppliers; train employees to use the correct amounts of cleaning chemicals and make responsible use of disinfectants on critical surfaces to protect client health.

Happy cleaning! JN

Brooke Richards is the regional vice president of the Maid Pro franchise team in central Phoenix and across the southeast Valley. For more information visit

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Shop For Home Cleaning Supplies and Green Cleaning Products

The best reason for purchasing home cleaning supplies online is saving a lot of money while getting delivery right to your doorstep. Shopping online is a great way to save money and time, while being able to select from an extensive catalog of cleaning and janitorial supplies. Through online shopping, you can find discount prices for new eco-friendly green cleaning products and accessories to do your cleaning that may not be available at your local stores.

Home cleaning supplies are important to have handy to help cut down risks from germs and infections that are brought home daily from work or play. If you buy in bulk online, you are always ready with your favorite products from paper towels to disinfectants and cleansers. Name brand products are popular because they work very well and are developed by reputable companies like Clorox, Arm & Hammer, Lysol, Purell, Ajax, and Comet.

Useful accessories are needed for proper cleaning and waste disposal. Garbage bags, buckets, mops, brooms, and towels can be shopped for and purchased online along with your cleaning chemicals and green cleaning products. Never underestimate the overall effectiveness of having the proper cleaning tools and waste disposal items to help cut down the mess and eliminate germs.

Many new “green” cleaning products are now on the market online. Organic cleaners, pre-sprays and degreasers are just the beginning. Now you can get green detergents, floor strippers, floor finishers, glass cleaners and all-purpose cleaners that are kinder to you and the environment. There are also green hand cleaners and non-ammoniated cleaners that make your job healthier as well as easier.

It doesn’t matter if you need one item or a truckload of supplies, shopping online makes the purchasing task a lot easier and it does not take hours of time to see everything available. You get great online customer service support instantly from reliable vendors to answer any questions and make your shopping trip successful. Any shipping costs are offset by the time you save…and time is money!

Shopping for home cleaning supplies and green cleaning products online is the way to get to the “store of tomorrow” today. Delivery can be made nationwide from local warehouses close to your location. Shopping online is environmentally friendly because you only spend a little time at the computer placing your order compared to hours of time running to different stores wearing yourself out and wasting gasoline. When you are done shopping, the items come to you via regular scheduled delivery services so you do not need a pickup truck or larger vehicle to get your supplies delivered.

Many online cleaning and janitorial suppliers offer special discounts on items for the home or business cleaning closet. You can take advantage of extra savings online that are not available in stores by cost-comparison shopping. Save time, save money and get the special items you really need by shopping for home cleaning supplies and green cleaning products online. It’s the high tech way to shop!

Buy green cleaning products and home cleaning supplies on sale today at Your online superstore for wholesale green cleaning supplies and discount janitorial supplies.

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Green House Cleaning Tips For You

Green house cleaning is the great way in which most people today want to get their house cleaned. You should employ these tips that won’t only make your home a much healthier place to stay as lots of the commercial solutions that exist on the market are filled with poisons that could harm your household when used, but also for the benefit of the environment. To begin with green house cleaning, you must re-think the easiest way that you can approach cleaning. Listed here are some tips:

    1. Your own home need not smell like a swimming pool or a pine forest to make sure that it is clean. If you are using products with strong odors, it’s easy to wind up with a headache and likewise irritated eyes and skin. You want to eliminate the chemical compounds that are not only harmful thinking that strong smells will be the main technique that your home appears clean.
    1. Make use of vinegar to wash the home windows and glass. It truly does work and is non-toxic. A combination of baking soda and essential oils is great for cleaning carpeting and furniture. Use beeswax to clean wood and use a micro fiber material or mop to clean up different locations of the house that will do away with micro organism without leaving a residue. These kind of items are very cheap. You not only get to green house cleaning, but save cash as well!
    1. Start looking at the labels of your cleaning products and the ingredients which they contain. Most of them are toxic and are detrimental not only to the atmosphere, but to your whole family. Lots of the products consist of components that can trigger cancer. Eliminate these products in an eco-friendly way.
  1. If you find yourself using merchandise that burn your eyes or nostril, it’s best to understand that they are not good to inhale and eliminate them. You also don’t wish to invade your home with bacteria. Sponges are crammed with micro organism – you need to use eco-friendly paper towels as an alternative and have a cleaner home. You may also use micro fiber products which may get rid of germs when cleaning by picking them up as a substitute of simply spreading them around.

By using these green house cleaning pointers, you may have a greener and cleaner home. You can save cash and even more importantly, save the well being of your family and yourself.

If you want to find out more about green house cleaning, then you can simply go to for additional valuable eco friendly cleaning tips.

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Stay Green With Healthy Home Cleaning Services

All across the planet, people are making the switch to products that are healthier for the planet and for themselves and their families. This movement, called Planet Green is becoming the popular choice for conscientious people far and wide. Healthy home cleaning services are no exception. If you have your home cleaned by a professional cleaning service, check with them to see if they use

Most companies use harsh chemical products to clean your home. These chemicals leave behind a dangerous residue that is harmful to everyone that comes into contact with them. They are on everything that the cleaning service has cleaned, including the kitchen and your bathtub. You may want to check with your cleaning service as they may offer all natural cleaning with products that have no toxic chemicals.

New chemicals come out everyday that are designed to clean your home and many of these products do not list every chemical on the label. The government does not require companies to put all of the chemicals on the label unless they are being used in industry. Meanwhile, there are over seventy thousand cleaning products to choose from that have the chemicals in them that over time can harm you and your family. Even your pets are not safe with all those chemicals in the cleaning products we use.

New products have emerged with all natural ingredients that are just as effective as chemical filled products. These products are reasonably priced and are available over the internet and in a few stores also. Soon these products will be more readily available as awareness increases.

New studies have shown that it takes only seconds of exposure to house cleaning chemicals before they can be detected all over the body. You and your family are exposed to these chemicals every day in your homes without realizing it.

Exposure over time to chemicals that are found in everyday household cleaning products can have an adverse effect on a person’s health. In fact, over the last sixty years, diseases such as cancer have been steadily rising and claiming lives. Household chemicals have been in households for about sixty years.

Fortunately, more companies that use products that have natural ingredients and are healthier for their employees and for you and your family. These companies can be found in the telephone book and on the internet. The products that they use are just as effective in household cleaning and are comparatively priced.

There are many benefits to using healthier products in the home including the health benefits to you and your family. Purchasing these products is good for the environment, your pets and the economy as more companies emerge when the demand for them rises. Get on the bandwagon for a healthier home and help to protect the health and well-being of your family.

If you would like to make the change to healthy home cleaning services, check with your current company or check the internet to find a Green home cleaning service near you.

Since 1986, our efficient cleaning services Toronto [] and in the GTA have been offered to many residential homes, apartments, and offices with glowing feedback. In addition to house cleaning, we also provide services like laundry, maid service Oakville [], and renovation at affordable prices.

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Green Home Cleaning Products

Many of the cleaning products that are commonly used in the home are unnecessarily harsh and toxic. Chlorine and petroleum-based cleansers leave harmful residues, affect the air we breathe and are dangerous, or possibly even fatal, if they are ingested by children. Eco-minded homemakers are finding that there are non-toxic and inexpensive alternatives that can be prepared at home using ingredients you probably already have on your shelves. Why spend money on noxious bleach and caustic cleaning agents when there are green solutions that are just as effective? Here are a few safe cleaning compounds you can make for just pennies that really work as well as their expensive and noxious counterparts:

Non-Bleach Scrubber – Throw away that chlorine bleach scrubber and replace it with a mixture made of baking soda with just enough liquid dish-washing detergent to make a thick paste. It’s perfect for cleaning sinks, kitchen surfaces, showers and bathtubs and it doesn’t leave a gritty residue, nor will it scratch surfaces.

Furniture Polish – Make a simple, yet effective, furniture polish by simply mixing olive oil with lemon juice or lemon oil. Use it just like you would a normal store-bought polish – apply it by using a soft, clean cloth. You’ll find that this formula works just as well as commercial furniture polish.

Window Cleaner – Mix 3 parts water with one part white vinegar and a few drops of liquid detergent in a spray bottle to make a non-streaking and highly effective window cleaner. Spray on windows or mirrors and use newspaper to get them squeaky clean.

Oven Cleaner – Throw away those harsh oven cleaners and use baking soda instead. Simply cover the bottom of your oven with a liberal amount of baking soda, moisten it thoroughly and leave it overnight. Wipe the baking soda out of the oven with a damp sponge or paper towels and all the grime will come with it, making domestic cleaning a cinch rather than an ordeal.

For those major cleaning jobs that require the help of professional cleaning services, find one that uses green products and methods. For green-minded cleaning services London offers an array of eco-minded cleaning firms in every neighborhood. Join the fight to keep the planet healthy while making your own home pollutant-free and save some money in the process!

Alfred Halfnight is a cleaning services expert and a London-based freelance journalist with the mission to make you a better, cleaner, happier human being. Check out his other articles for everything you need to know about cleaning business.

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Benefits of Using Eco Friendly Home Products

Many people consider global warming and climate change as the greatest environmental challenges facing the world today. These environmental problems affect everyone across the globe, but the good news is that all of us can actually be a part of the solution if we desire so. This is why it is not surprising to know that more and more households all over the world are starting to be more conscious of their lifestyle to prevent further damage to the environment. And what better way to make a difference than to start right at your own home? While not all homes can fully adapt a green home, it is now possible to create a much greener home by using eco friendly home products.

Eco friendly home products are products which are made of biodegradable raw materials, or post-consumer recycled materials which are free from harmful chemicals. Their production doesn’t damage the environment and their disposal won’t contribute and cause toxic waste. Most products that we use everyday in our homes such as our cleaning agents and pesticides are produced in factories which emit harmful chemicals into the air that we breathe. This causes intense damage to the environment which in turn impacts our health in a negative way. Choosing eco friendly home products over traditional factory manufactured products is a good way to prevent these negative effects from happening.

There are many benefits of using eco friendly home products. Besides reducing the effect of toxins, green products benefit consumers by saving them money. Most green products are made with simple and minimal packaging which could reduce their total cost. Oftentimes, it is the product’s packaging which makes it’s price expensive. The fancier the product’s packaging is, the more expensive it gets. Aside from being cost effective, these products could also affect the health in a positive way. Since most eco friendly home products are made up of organic and natural materials, the risk of contacting allergies is significantly reduced. Apart from that, patronizing green products can also help stimulate the creation of new jobs which in turn could help improve the economy.

Global warming and our depleting natural resources are more than enough reasons to start making more eco friendly purchases for our families and homes. There’s no better time to start making sensible shopping decisions but now. Don’t wait for Mother Nature to teach you a lesson before you learn how to take care of her, because it might be too late by then. Happy green shopping!

Get started going green by patronizing eco friendly products! Jem’s Natural Living offers a wide assortment of eco friendly home products, organic baby products and natural health products.

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An Eco Friendly Home in Simple Steps

The rich and famous are forever touting how eco-friendly they live, not including when they dash around the planet aboard their Lear jets. But on behalf of all of us who don’t earn that huge paycheck, how can we do our part to care for the natural environment.

The first thing we must absolutely begin with is to use our brain and begging to think then take small steps. Just start with the small things. In a manner of no time at all the little things we begin to do start to add up and evolve into making a large difference. It’s not difficult. We just got to start. Here’s a down-to-earth and simple quick start which everybody can act on straight away: Stop consuming so much water.

Waste, waste, waste is all most of us do with water in our homes. It is exactly these “little things” which have become poor habits on are part that we must start addressing and changing right now. Simple, huh?

You have to honestly look in the mirror and answer these questions: – Do you turn off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth – Do you really need to spend so much time taking a shower – Don’t tell me you flush after simply dropping a tissue in the toilet.

Uh-huh…you too? Think about how easily you were wasting water. It is a habit that if changed starts you down the path of having an eco-friendly home.

That dishwasher, toilet, shower head, washer and/or sprinkler systems quickly uses extra water then in really needed. Energy saving appliances are just the first steps to an eco-friendly home. You can find so much information on line to be energy efficient.

Next up, start using less energy.

Like we discussed you can start with purchasing energy efficient appliances. Yes, they typically are more expensive, but the savings you will realize in energy bills goes a long way to compensated for the increased initial cost.

Every home has multiple chargers to power all our portable electronic gadgets we own. You know, the Blackberry, cell phone, iPod, Blue-tooth, Laptop, eReader. These things cost energy and money just sitting plugged into the wall when not connected to our toy.

Televisions, stereos, DVD players, Xboxes and Playstations are major power robbers and waste tremendous energy.

Become a smart eco-friendly homeowner by plugging these appliances into a power strip. Not only will you get surge protection when powered on but it makes it super easy to save energy and save the environment by powering down the power strip.

Don’t worry about getting a hybrid car or setting up solar panels on your roof to be more eco-friendly. You can still make a huge difference saving the eco-system with these easy small changes.

When is the last time you walked or rode your bike for those quick errands around the corner or up the street. Don’t take the car, give your heart and waistline some wanted attention too and live a more healthy lifestyle while being eco-friendly Your kids can even get involved and soon you’ll be an engaged active eco-friendly family!

Not everyone knows the “Green” 3 R’s?.

The “Green” 3-R’s actually begin with the letter R. In the Green World these are: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Every person forgets the reuse “R” when beginning their conservation lifestyle. It does indeed take a small amount of creativity to unearth the savings from a reuse policy. You can start with using toilet paper holders (after they are done being used of course) to propagate your garden seeds. And who has’nt’t thought of using food jars as flower vases.

Take advantage of environmentally friendly products. Here is an easy tip going back centuries. Simply use water and vinegar instead of the more expensive commercial glass cleaners we normally would buy at the store.

Other than the blue coloring added by the manufacturer it is essentially the same product that costs you 2 to 3 times extra. The next instance you grab the bleach bottle or other whitener think about using a centuries old recipe for stain removal. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda to your vinegar cleaner solution and you will come up with a safe and natural concoction which works just as well, if not better than those more expensive non-eco friendly store products. You will literally discover hundreds of other natural, safe and eco-friendly home-made cleaning products online.

Going Green is not hard and it’s better for you and better for the planet. It can save you money too. Save money being eco-friendly while you stay down-to-earth connecting with nature and saving the world at the same time.

Daniel has spent his career helping people uncover the truth. The truth is the anguish of low quality lingers long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten. Visit Daniel’s latest website that explores oil filled radiators [] and various DeLonhi oil filled radiator [] products that every home needs for targeted warmth and cozy comfort.

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