PPT Claning Service Team

We specialized in two types of  Eco-friendly Deep cleaning:

After Extermination, and After Renovations Final Interior Cleanup.

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Our Cleaning Services aim to reduce the time between your treatment and entry time. We use only Eco-friendly commercial cleaning products. We work hard to give you a thorough, green clean in a timely manner that provides you with the opportunity to return to a clean and safe environment.

Our team want to protect you and your children from a harmful influence of chemicals, try to keep the animals safe and care about our planet and environment in general, thus PPT Cleaning Service is proud of using only Eco-friendly, non-toxic and natural cleaning products.

We provide all cleaning products and equipment for the job.

Our post-pest control cleaning services include, but are not limited to
 Light debris removal
 Wall washing (reachable areas only)
 Sweeping and mopping all floors
 Interior window washing
 Wiping down of light switches and door handles
 Wiping down inside cabinets and draws
  Cleaning blinds
 HEPA vacuuming
 Wiping down appliances
 Wiping down door frame and baseboards

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Beyond the time benefits, hiring us to do the post-pest control cleaning is a great way to conserve energy that you could be better used finishing other tasks such as unpacking, organizing and laundry.

Living room, Bedrooms and Common Areas
 HEPA vacuum furniture
 HEP vacuum furniture encasement exteriors
 Wipe down book shelves
 Wipe down any unplugged electronics such as television and stereo
 Sponge picture frames
 Wipe down media units
 Remove any visible dead insects or droppings

 Wipe down table tops, stove top, counter tops and sink
 Rub appliances (exterior only)
 Wipe inside and outside cabinets
 Wipe all reachable surfaces
 Remove all garbage from trash bin

 Wash sink, bathtub/shower and toilet
 Wipe down shower curtains
 Wipe down inside all cabinets and draws
 Clean mirrors and glass fixtures

 Our post-renovation cleaning services is similar to post-pest control cleaning (with the addition of buffing/waxing, cleaning vents, etc., if applicable)

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 Rough Interior Cleanup
 Exterior Cleanup
 Unpacking
 Install Encasements
 Laundry
 Dishes
 Exterior windows
 Carpet cleaning
 Animal waste / excrement
 Mold/Lead/Asbestos/Rust
 High ceiling fans
 Inside Refrigerators or Other Appliances
 Move heavy appliances, equipment or furniture